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India’s First Vertical Cast RCC Pipe Manufacturing Unit

In 1986, India’s First Vertical Cast RCC Pipe Manufacturing Unit was established by us where 1000 mm diameter to 2200 mm diameter pipes were manufactured.

Completion of Mega Pipeline Project of 2200 mm dia. for AMC

In 2002-03, we completed the work of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s Mega Pipeline of 2200 mm diameter. The project was in the name of Ghat Prabha Cement Pipe Industry (Andhra Pradesh). Owing to their non-capability to complete the Project for 4 years the then Municipal Commissioner Entrusted upon us for this work and we completed the project successfully within a year’s time.

Faster completion of Project

GUDC one of the Government Undertaking entrusted awarded us the Dholka Underground Sewerage Project which was meant for completion within a period of 30 months. We, with our motto of “Progress at no compromise with quality” completed the Project for Gujarat Urban Development Company in a span of 17 months, 13 months before the stipulated completion date.

Expansion of Irrigated Land for AIPC

We have completed a no. of Projects for Canal Work for Renovating and Improving Major Canal Lining, Constructing Structures and Embankment of Fatehwadi Feeder Canal for Ahmedabad Irrigation Division. We again demonstrated our Execution capabilities by completing the Project within one third of the Original Duration of the Contract. This has resulted in the enhancement of Irrigated Land by further 3000 hectares and has benefitted 5 Districts in Gujarat.

Demonstration of our Executional Capabilities

We have set a benchmark by laying Sewerage Networks of 13,06,335 Rmt in the last 1.5 years which demonstrates our Strength & Executional Capability.

Pipe Pushing – Crossings

We have laid pipes by Trenchless Technology across 40 different locations for different Projects (completed & On-going) successfully.